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Top Restaurants in Manhattan for March 2017

Dining obsessives in New York City have a desire to know what is new, what is hot, and what’ll be the next big thing within the greatest city for dining on earth. Therefore, here you go — a guide to the most recommended Manhattan restaurants for this month, (as things are always changing).


Keith McNally will bring his familiar restaurant aesthetic over to the Beekman Hotel at the freshly minted Augustine. Their dining room appears more like a rustic edition of the restaurant Cherche Midi, but with a similarly warmer color palate and more ornate features such as tiles that have floral patterns, as well as stained glass accents. Speaking of Cherche Midi, Keith brought along his chefs, the dynamic duo of Shane McBride and Daniel Parilla, to helm its kitchen. They’ve created a brasserie menu which is both inspired and familiar. Appetizers will range in cost from $14 for the Waldorf salad up to $25 for a couple of meaty bone marrow truncheons. Main entrees include a dry aged, 40-oz. porterhouse steak for 2 for $109, the duck a’l’orange for $33, as well as rotisserie leg of lamb over escarole and beans for $29 which was inspired by the chef’s Paris travels.

Location: 5 Beekman Street in New York, New York 10038

Fowler & Wells

Chef Tom Colicchio will make the move downtown with his ornate jeweled box of a restaurant that is ensconced inside the newly restored Beekman Hotel. Their chef is Bryan Hunt. Their menu includes a nod to old-world, NY that has dishes such as oysters Rockefeller for $21, dry aged sirloin for $51, and baked Alaska. Their appetizers will range in cost from $17 for a simplistic mixed green plate up to $27 for luxury entrees such as warm lobster salad then has hen of the woods mushrooms, as well as sautéed foie gras that has persimmon. With an exception of the above steak and lamb loin for $45, main entrees are within the $30 – $37 range, as well as include entrees such as rabbit schnitzel, as well as diver Scallops that have black truffle vinaigrette and leaks. It’s Tom’s initial new restaurant in Manhattan in 6 years and received its name after a couple of phrenologists (discredited pseudoscience of deciding personality types by head shape and size) who, at one time, occupied the structure.

Location: 5 Beekman Street, in NY, New York 10038

Phone: (212) 658-1848


Eiji Ichimura, an acclaimed sushi chef, will bring back his exclusive omakase menu that is inside a 10-seat, intimate Leonard Street sushi den. Dinner is of a longer length than the one the chef served previously at Ichimura at Brushstroke, as well as is a more fully-realized edition of what Ichimura (chef) always has wanted to serve. Dinner will cost $300/person (which includes gratuity) and is obtainable from Monday through Saturday, in two various times of seating. Dinner is reported to last around 2 hours.

Location: 69 Leonard Street in New York, New York 10013

Dumpling Spot

The son-father duo behind chain Xi’an Famous Foods opened this dumpling restaurant quietly inside a previous outpost of Xi’an (that moved a couple of doors down on Bayard). Dumpling Spot’s menu is fast-casual, as well as includes selections such as Three Treasures dumplings (chives, shrimp, pork), chives and chicken dumplings, cabbage and pork dumplings, as well as veggie dumplings that are filled with mushrooms and bok choy. Also, the menu provides options such as flower-infused, gui hua sweet congee or a winter melon inside clementine sauce.

Location: 67 Bayard Street in New York, New York 10013


Gerardo Gonzalez, (chef), who previously plied his trade at El Rey, will make his debut in Chinatown with an opening of Lalo. Their foods are inspired by the cuisine discovered on the Mexico-California border that evokes Mediterranean cooking in its eye towards health and purity of ingredient. Their menu is veggie-heavy and features a vegan Caesar salad for $12, toasted kasha salad for $11, as well as green mole Bulgarian feta for $13. However, there also are an abundance of selections for carnivores like carnitas that are served with homemade tortillas (3 portion sizes to share or for single diners — $12 to $27) and 3.5oz., dry aged “baby” steak ($15).

Location: 104 Bayard Street, in NY, New York 10013

Phone: (646) 998-3406

Madison Square Garden

It’ll seem as if anyone who is destined for greatness played Madison Square Garden. It is the place you’re able to see virtually all major headliner or sports games in NY, and it is a venue everyone must experience at least once. For a suitable fast-casual entree, check The Pennsy out, an 8,000-sq. foot area situated directly above Penn Station and near Madison Square Garden. There, you will discover a plethora of food selections for the ones on-the-run, such as Italian sandwiches by Mario Batali, the Pennsy Bar, La Colombe Coffee, as well as The Little Beat if you crave veggies.

Location: 4 Penn Plaza, in NY, New York 10121

Phone: (212) 465-6741