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what do termites look like

What Do Termites Look Like?

What Do Termites Look Like?


Often confused with ants, both with and without wings, termites have some distinct characteristics that make them easily identifiable (if you can find them!)  You will probably see signs of termites, such as damage and mud trails, before you actually see these elusive pests.  But once you find your subject, here’s what to how to tell the difference:

  • Wings: Termite wings are the same length, while ant’s wings are different in length.   Flying termites, known as swarmers, appear about the same time of year as flying ants and the easiest way to tell the difference is to look for discarded wings.  Termites shed their wings but ants don’t
  • Antennae: Ants have angled or bent antennae and termites have straight antennae
  • Waist: Termites have no waist really while ants have a segmented waist

Since different types of termites require different methods of termites control, once you determine that you have them, it might help to know what kind.

  • The most common is the Eastern subterranean termite. They are prevalent along the east coast and can be found as far west as Nevada.  They are known as subterranean because they are found underneath the ground
  • Formosan subterranean termites are less common but tend to cause more damage. They are found underground, mostly in the Gulf Coast area.  They are larger than other species and have a noticeable yellow and brown body
  • Drywood termites can be found along the east coast, the gulf coast and even the west coast. Their name comes from the fact that they don’t require moisture like the other species
  • Dampwood termites are usually found near coastal areas and get their name from the fact that they are most often found in damp, rotting wood or mulch

Are termites invading your home? If so, call on Bugs Are Gone Exterminating to assess your infestation and implement a pest control plan to rid your home of termites today.