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tent fumigation

Tent Fumigation And The Benefits Of It

Controlling Pests with Tent Fumigation


In the pest control industry, there are a variety of approaches in controlling most pests, but sometimes there are very specific treatments for specific pests.  One in particular is tent fumigation. Drywood termites don’t respond to the various treatments that typically work on subterranean termites so they usually require the use of tent fumigation, often called whole house fumigation, to get rid of them.  This method is also effective in controlling heavy infestations of bed bugs as well.  Fumigation is effective with large infestations because it kills all stages of the pest including eggs, effectively eliminating the entire infestation.  


Tent fumigation is a pest control method which uses a pesticide gas as opposed to a liquid or granular pesticide.  The structure is enclosed with a plastic type tent which is sealed to keep the gas contained in the structure.  While the gas doesn’t leave a residue, it is of course poisonous and requires vacating the structure for sometimes up to several days.  The gas has to remain for a specific time to be effective and once the procedure is finished, the tent is opened and vented.  


While effective, the process can be expensive and time consuming and must be performed by a professional pest control company.  The hazards of poisonous gas require that its application be handled by experienced technicians and the process monitored carefully.  The inherent cost of the treatment may make the decision difficult, but the alternative of allowing potential damage to occur could end up costing more than the treatment itself.  Considering the potential cost and the expertise required for this type of pest control, it’s best to do some research before selecting a pest control company.  The company should be licensed, experienced in tent fumigation and insured.  Customer feedback, ratings and other such recommendations can often be found easily online for well established companies.