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ants in your home

How To Prevent Ants From Coming In Your Home

Ants!  What to Know, What to Do

Ants are literally everywhere.  Pound for pound, there is about the same amount of ants on this earth as there are humans.  No wonder these pests are one of the most common nuisances to homeowners.  Outside, they pretty much go unnoticed, free to fulfill their part in the food chain.  Inside, they become a formidable enemy wherever there is food or water.  They get into containers, pet food, and sinks searching for any crumb or morsel they can find, then telling the whole colony all about it.

Prevention Goes a Long Way

You see just a couple of ants first.  These are scouts and they are looking for food and water and if they find it, about a thousand of their friends are ready to move in.  Your job is to make this scouting trip a wasted trip and send those ants to greener pastures.  Here’s how to make your home a barren landscape for all those hungry, thirsty ants.

  • Always keep the kitchen clean and dry and clean up any spills right away.
  • Keep food in containers whenever possible and keep any bags or boxes closed.
  • Clean dining areas, tables, chairs, floors…anywhere crumbs could be left behind.
  • Rinse out food and beverage containers before throwing them away and take out the trash at least daily.
  • Don’t forget dog and cat dishes with water and food. Take them up each night and replace the next day.


Thorough prevention doesn’t mean just the kitchen or dining room; it also means knowing how those scouts can get inside in the first place.  Ants take the easiest route they can find on their search for new sources of food and water so your job is to make those routes tough to maneuver.


  • Keep debris away from the outside of your home. Debris is a prime nesting spot for ants and gives them opportunities to find those cracks and crevices allowing them to get in.
  • Keep gutters clean and you keep the ants from being attracted to the moisture and, again, some great nesting areas
  • Seal cracks visible from the outside and around pipes, cable lines and anything else that goes from the outside to the inside.
  • Keep trees and branches trimmed back so they don’t touch the house to prevent easy access.


Even with the best ants preventive strategy, you may still find your home invaded any way.  There are plenty of ways to fight the battle when it comes to ants, but until you eliminate the source, the queen and the nest, you will never be ant free!  For the homeowner that decides to do it on their own, there is plenty of good advice across the INTERNET.  For the rest of us, a professional ant control company can get the job done and pretty much keep those ants at bay indefinitely.