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Top 6 Neighborhoods for Young Professionals In NY

Being a young professional or college graduate, particularly as you move to New York City to start your career, may be an extremely stressful time. As you do not know an adequate amount of information about the area, locating a great apartment that is within your budget will be a task that is challenging. However, you are a persistent, creative, young person. Nothing should stop you!

In spite of the truth that the neighborhoods that have a ton of jobs typically have high rental prices and higher living costs, there are, of course, excellent areas inside a post-graduate’s budget. Particularly because as you are young and searching for a decent place to live, it is more about your commute, than a space. You actually do not care about a bedroom’s size because you are spending so much time at work.

Let us have a peek into our list of chosen neighborhoods for eager and young professionals such as yourself!

Upper East Side in Manhattan

Situated east of Central Park, the Upper East Side includes amongst the top communities for young professionals that has a plethora of landmarks, a multitude of fantastic places to drink and eat, and its atmosphere that attracts single individuals as well as families. It’ll include Yorkville, Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill and regions alongside 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue, and Park Avenue.

The community is not just situated near Central Park with its lush greenery and area for biking and running but additionally has an amazing Carl Schurz Park which provides breathtaking scenery over the river. Upper East Side houses the Met, the Jewish Museum, and the Guggenheim Museum.

Do not think you cannot afford to live here. There are an abundance of affordable apartments that you can share with a roommate, if needed. The average rent is $2,100 for a Studio, as well as $2,700 for a 1-bedroom apartment.

Lower East Side in Manhattan

The Lower East Side, the next destination within our young professional neighborhoods includes one of Manhattan’s fashionable spaces, is adored by New Yorkers. It’s vivid and trendy, with a plethora of places to travel to each day. You’ll absolutely have some place to visit after dark, and party until the break of dawn. Taste every piece of the New York pie.

The architecture in the Lower East Side is well-known for its iconic brownstones and fire escapes. The average rent for a Studio apartment is $2,100, whereas it’s $2,600 for a 1-bedroom place.

Murray Hill in Manhattan

It is another typical destination for post-graduates and young professionals, providing them thrilling entertainment, endless selections of drinks and food, particularly within happy hours. If you have a job in Midtown, it is amongst the top communities for you.

As you look for an apartment, you’ll have the ability to pick between gorgeous brownstones, multi-family dwellings, condo buildings or co-ops, and high-rises. You may rent a Studio for $2,200, as well as 1-bedroom place for $2,800.

Harlem in Manhattan

In the past, an iconic black community, Harlem becomes increasingly gentrified today. It isn’t only related to African-American culture yet also famous for its jazz music, soul food, spectacular landmarks and cathedrals. The residents in the neighborhood are outgoing and friendly.

The average rent for Studios are around $1,700, whereas the average rent for a 1-bedroom is $2,100. Apartments in Harlem are pretty affordable, especially if you live with a roommate. The neighborhood provides an excellent architecture with all of its incredible prewar brownstones.

Crown Heights in Brooklyn

Situated inside Central Brooklyn, the immensely populated community keeps attracting an increasing amount of young people on a daily basis. Just imagine it! The location’s population density is 6 times greater than in NY! It is a culturally diverse area that has an excellent array of restaurants and bars which keep opening all of the time.

The average rent for a Studio apartment is $1,600, as well as it’s $1,900 for a 1-bedroom. Considering the truth that you still may be having an entry-level salary, it is more likely that you’ll only have the ability to afford a place with roommates.

Bushwick in Brooklyn

In the instance you’re one of the lovers of Brooklyn, locate a place inside this friendly gentrifying community that has fairly low rents. It’s incredible for creative and young artists, and professionals. There’s so much graffiti, you even can make a tour to find the best ones.

As an increasing amount of young artists arrive in Bushwick, it increases the amount of galleries found there: The BogArt, Parallel Art Space, Harbor Gallery, and Regina Rex.

Prices for rent are fairly affordable. You’ll be able to locate a Studio apartment within one of its vibrant structures for $1,800 on average. A 1-bedroom apartment is priced at around $2,000 a month.