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Bed Bugs

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Common Pests

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Seriously why were these things created. They ruin all the outdoor fun, but you can take your yard back.



Termites are no match for our proven eradication methods. We prevent them from causing more damage.



Raccoons might look cute, but these bandits will steal anything including the leftover pizza in the trash.



I think I smell a rat! OK, that was corny, but you probably laughed, but they won't be once we show up. 

Bugs Are Gone Pest Control is proud to serve Manhattan and the rest of New York City with the very best in pest control and extermination. Your neighborhood is our neighborhood, and we are committed to eliminating pests with our expert exterminators. Our extensive experience, commitment to eliminating pests, and excellence customer service mean you will be in good hands when you join the many satisfied customers who already use our services.

Every pest control technician has received the most up-to-date training in pest control and pest management to ensure a high level of customer service and satisfaction. We use the latest in Integrated Pest Management, taking a multi-faceted approach to get the job done right. Whether it’s a mouse, a roach, a bed bug, or just about any other type of pest, we’ve got you covered.

But don’t just take our word for it! There are plenty of your neighbors who would be glad to tell you all about their positive experience with our NYC exterminator services and how we helped them get rid of their pest problem. Our satisfied customers have helped us become recognized as one of the premier pest control companies in the NYC area by a variety of sources.

​Pest Control New York

• Top mouse exterminator in NYC

• Top exterminator in NYC for roaches

• Top exterminator in NYC for bed bugs

• A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

• 4.5-star rating for exterminator in NYC on Yelp

• 4.5-star rating for exterminator in NYC on Google

We are very proud of all those accolades and awards, but the recognition we recently received from City Beat News is certainly one of our proudest. City Beat awards the “Spectrum Award of Excellence in Customer Satisfaction” to companies across a range of industries in recognition of their superior customer service. We are fortunate enough to be the recipient of the award for 2016 as a result of our on-going commitment to our great customer service.

Bugs Are Gone is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, standing by to make your pest control problem our pest control problem with a variety of standard and emergency services. All services are based on an integrated approach using the safest, most effective methods available at a fair cost with a satisfaction guarantee. We conduct a thorough inspection, recommend the best course of treatment and make sure you understand our services every step of the way.

Pest Control

Our integrated approach includes pesticides when necessary, exclusion, baiting, monitoring and on-going support through customer education. Each pest has its own unique life cycle, habits, food and shelter preferences, and a host of other elements that must be understood to effectively eliminate the pest and prevent further infestation. Our exterminators receive the very best, on-going training that includes a thorough understanding of each pest to enable them to successfully eliminate them.

Termite Control

Using trenching, slab injections and bait stations, we stop termites before they can do any more damage to your home or business. Once we have eliminated the termite infestation, we provide prevention programs to prevent another infestation, including yearly inspections and continuous monitoring to keep your home or business safe.

Mosquito Control

These summertime pests are annoying, cause allergic reactions from bites and can ruin an otherwise summer afternoon in the backyard. While the aggravation factor is a concern, the potential health risks to humans and animals from the many diseases these pests carry can be a very real danger. We understand mosquitoes, how they breed and the health risks they pose, from the Zika virus to Malaria. Our approach features safe, effective chemicals and educating homeowners in how to keep the problem from recurring.

Rodent Control

Where there are people, there are rodents. Just like people, shelter, water, food and a place to breed are all these pests need to set up housekeeping. Left uncontrolled, rodents can literally take over a home or business because they are such fast breeders. They can ruin electrical systems, cause structural damage and other mayhem with their constant gnawing and can spread a variety of dangerous diseases and viruses to humans and animals. Using trapping, baiting, and exclusion methods, we rid your home or business of disease-carrying rodents and help you keep them from coming back.

Wildlife Control

Just because you live in a city doesn’t mean you can’t have a wildlife problem. Wild animals often venture into heavily populated areas because of the food supply and the opportunity to find shelter. Like many other pests, wildlife can cause extensive damage to a home or business and may carry diseases that are dangerous to humans and other animals. We offer humane removal, wildlife repellents, exclusion, and prevention methods to effectively eliminate these pests and prevent further problems.

Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed bugs are one of the most disturbing infestations you can encounter and one of the most difficult to eliminate. They breed quickly, are experts at staying out of site, and feed off human blood while their victims are sleeping. While they don’t carry diseases, they can quickly make any area almost uninhabitable for humans if left uncontrolled.

More than nearly any other pest, bed bug control and extermination requires an in-depth knowledge of the pest and an understanding of how they live. An integrated approach using chemicals, heat, inspection and monitoring is almost always required to completely eliminate an established infestation. A tough pest to get rid of, but with our integrated approach, you can rest easy knowing we are on the case.

Call Bugs Are Gone today at 718-735-2847 and schedule your free estimate. Our certified pest control technicians will exterminate or remove whatever is bugging you at your home, business or school.

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