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How Did I Get Bedbugs?

Regardless of how clean and tidy your home is, you are still susceptible to getting bed bugs leaving most people thinking “How did I get bed bugs”.  They don’t just show up because of poor sanitation or other negligence, they simply hitch a ride whenever they can and set up their new headquarters in your home.  Bed bugs typically catch a ride in a purse, luggage, or even pant cuffs…just about anywhere they can to stay undiscovered.  Once they arrive at their destination, they just hop off and begin setting up housekeeping.


These pests tend to spread anywhere they can find humans, so there are some places, and items, that pose a higher risk.  Used furniture, whether from a thrift shop or found discarded, should be highly suspect and requires thorough inspection before bringing it into your home.  Used clothing, again regardless of the source, is also prime territory for bedbugs.  Dormitories, hospitals and especially hotels and motels are high risk sources because of the large number of people that use these facilities.  Even used books can be infested and make a great hiding place for bedbugs.


Prevention is truly the best approach to keep your home bed bug free.  Used clothing should always be thoroughly washed and other items such as used furniture, bedding and books should be closely inspected before they are brought into your home.  Knowing where to look and what to look for while traveling and staying in hotels is especially important.  One of the easiest ways to avoid bed bugs in hotels is to simply research the location and see if there have been any reports of infestation.  Even if your hotel of choice has a clean bill of health, there is still a danger.  A complete inspection of your room before you unpack even your toothbrush should be the first step every time.


If bed bugs have found their way to your home or business, let Bugs Are Gone develop a plan to get rid of your bed bugs in a quick and safe manner. We are certified bed bug experts and you can count on us to do the job right the first time.