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Our commitment to your satisfaction with our results, customer service and the value we deliver is what determines if you’ll call us back to solve your next pest issue or if you’ll feel comfortable recommending us to your friends and neighbors.

We give you our pledge to do everything we can, from answering the phone to communicating and educating you on your options, to reporting what we’re doing on a regular basis, and making sure the invoice you get is the one you agreed to and the one you expected. You can rely on our pledge, with confidence.

Why do you need Home Pest Advantage for all-year control in Brooklyn?

:: Spring

Here they come! Springtime is a time for awakening. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and pests are awakening. Their long winter’s nap is over and it is time for BUGS to begin their active lives.

:: Fall

As the days get shorter and the temperature outside lowers, little visitors may begin to invade your house by the tens, hundreds, or even the thousands! In addition, rodents can suddenly show up in your home and pose a serious health threat.

:: Summer

In the summertime we spend most of our time outside. Unfortunately, a lot of pests do to. This time of year pests are more active, build bigger colonies, and unfortunately visit the same places that we do.

:: Winter

Keeping the cold out keeps the pests in. Pests that have sought refuge inside your well sealed home are not prone to the fluctuating temperatures and humidity of the outdoors that keeps their populations in check.

:: The Six Principles of Home Pest Advantage

  1. Communication — is the key principle that provides the means to meet your expectations, deliver great service, and superior results. Our adherence to a solid two-way communication policy assures you that we deliver and you get what you want from a pest prevention and management program.
  2. Inspection — Each and every technician is trained to identfy evidence of both active and potential pest problems.
  3. Monitoring — Advanced pest monitors are placed in “pest hot spots” to detect and measure pest activity that may occur out of sight and during periods when active inspection is not possible.
  4. Control: Indoor — Based on points 1 through 3 appropriate action is taken to maintain the pest free environment.
  5. Control: Outdoor The carefully chosen and applied exterior preventative services keep pests outside where they won’t cause harm to your home or your health.
  6. Records — All service information on your program is documented and stored electronically for future reference

:: Treatment Zones

  1. Exterior Base Perimeter
  2. Windows and Doors
  3. Eaves and Overhangs
  4. Garage Entrances and Interiors
  5. Ventilation Frames
  6. Exterior Trash Holding Areas
  7. Perimeter Shrubs and Flower Beds
  8. Attached Decking
  9. Interior Monitoring
  10. Interior Spot Treatments as Necessary

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