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heat treatment for bed bugs

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs


Are you getting bitten while you sleep?  Do you see dark stains and little dots on your sheets?

Do you smell a sort of damp, musty odor around your home?  If you answered yes to most or even some of these questions, you very well may have bed bugs.  There’s no way to be absolutely sure until you actually see this elusive pest or its moltings, but if the signs are there, then you probably have a bed bug problem.  If you think you may have an infestation, it’s best to call a professional pest control company to confirm the infestation and if you do have one, they will be able to guide you through the process of eliminating the pests.


There are a lot of ways to treat bed bug infestations, but one of the most effective is having a professional pest control company apply heat to eliminate the pests.  Bed bugs are elusive by nature and often hard to discover, so pesticides and prevention methods are often not completely effective.

Not so with heat.  With enough heat applied to infected structures, bed bugs and their eggs simply can’t survive.  So here’s how it works.


Turn Up the Heat!


The higher the heat, the less time the treatment takes.  At 140 degrees for roughly two hours, complete eradication can be achieved.  But there’s a lot that goes into ensuring that level of heat reaches all areas of a structure for the necessary amount of time.  Sealing entrances and windows sufficiently is necessary and can take quite a bit of time in preparation.  A reputable pest control company with experience and proper training will be able to make sure the heat reaches all suspected areas of infestation long enough to kill all of the bed bugs and their eggs.


Proper containment preparation is the first step in keeping the heat where it belongs, but the process also requires accurate monitoring.  The heat producing machines the professionals use draws a lot of power and typically come with two or more temperature meters to keep the heat balanced and consistent.  Remember, these pests are experts at hiding but when the right amount of heat is blasting them for long enough, there is nowhere to hide!


Because bed bugs can be found in mattresses, linens, furniture and just about anywhere else that people can be found, the heat has to be hot enough long enough to actually heat up the places where the bed bugs are infesting.  This makes things too hot for you and your family, so you will have to stay out of the home for a few hours until the job is done.