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How To Get Rid Of Roaches In 4 Easy Steps

How to Get Rid of Roaches…The Big 4


Roaches have been around for more than 350 million years.  That means that dinosaurs had to deal with these pests just as humans continue to deal with them today.  While there are over 3000 different species of cockroaches, only a small percentage invade human habitats.  But that small percentage is more than enough because these pests reproduce so rapidly and are pretty resilient.


Most of us find the very thought of cockroaches disgusting and when they invade our home, they can be downright scary.  It’s true that if you see one, there are probably many more under the sink, behind the fridge and even in the walls.  As tough as they are though, you can win the battle against them and rid your home of those nasty roaches.  Here’s how.


Your local professional pest control company

I know, you’ve heard this one over and over everywhere you look.  That’s for a good reason.  An experienced, well trained pest control technician knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to winning the fight against cockroaches.  From finding the nests to getting the colony under control, these pros know this enemy inside and out and have an arsenal of methods that get the job done right.  Yes, this expertise is going to cost you, but in the end you get a roach-free home and peace of mind.


Roach baits.

Until you can get that pest control company to help you out or if you decide to take the do-it-yourself pest control route, roach baits can be a very effective way to get your roach problem under control.  Used correctly, this method can actually eradicate the problem all together in some cases.  The best baits on the market have a strong attractant that roaches just can’t resist and when they do take the bait, they ingest poison and when they get back to the nest, they unknowingly start an epidemic.  Roaches will eat just about anything and that includes the feces of other roaches.  This simply causes a domino effect as a roach eats infected feces and then leaves behind more feces…you get the picture.


Clean up.

I’m sure you’ve heard this advice over and over too, but again that’s for a good reason.  Keeping your home, especially the kitchen, dry and free of food debris is a great way to send those roaches packing.  That sink filled with dishes and water and leftovers is a temptation that roaches just can’t resist and you can bet they’ll tell all their friends just where to find it.  By the way, their friends are probably hiding under the sink under those dish rags and trash that doesn’t quite make it into the wastebasket.  Get rid of their hiding places, shut down that buffet and you’ll be on your way towards getting rid of these pests.


Boric acid.  No list for pest control would be complete without at least one “home remedy” for a handy homeowner and this one actually works.  Boric acid kills roaches and because they don’t know this, they walk right through it.  If you want to really make sure they walk through it, mix it with some sugar.  Kind of like baiting, the sugar attracts the roaches and when they come in contact with the boric acid it is ingested, typically when they are preening.  How and where you apply this remedy is important and if done correctly it will produce great results.