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How To Get Rid Of Rats

Rats are one of the most detested pests in the world.  Trying to figure out how to get rid of rats can be a time consuming task. They spread disease and cause damage and can become overwhelming quickly because they reproduce so rapidly.  Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, there are basically two ways to get rid of rats.


Rat Traps


Simply designed and easy to use, traps get the job done very well if used correctly.  Rats avoid the unfamiliar, so placing traps in their vicinity without setting and without bait for a week or two will bring down their guard and make them comfortable.  This will increase your chances of success once you start setting and baiting the traps.


Precautions should be taken when handling and setting the traps.  They are very strong and can easily break a finger so care should be taken to protect children and pets.  Be prepared for the aftermath, there will be quite a bit of clean up and disposal needed and caution should be used when handling the mess to avoid disease and pathogens.


Rat Poison


Bait stations and rodenticides are another effective method of getting rid of rats.  Some poisons kill rats as quickly as within a few hours while others can take up to almost a week.  Poison is very effective but can fall short of eradicating a rat infestation because not all the rats will eat the poison or won’t eat enough to get a sufficient dosage.


It is poison after all, so it will not only kill rats but also small children and pets if they ingest enough of the poison.  Great caution has to be taken to keep it away from them but readily available to the rats.  Just like using traps, clean up and disposal must be handled with caution to avoid disease.


If this sounds too much for you to handle and you would rather let a professional handle your rat infestation, call Bugs Are Gone Exterminating to implement a pest control plan to get rid of your rats once and for all.