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mice in your home

How To Get Rid of Mice and Rats In Your Home

Got Mice?  Here’s What You Need to Know


Mice are always on the lookout for a cozy home and they just might pick your home if you let them.  From exclusion to general housekeeping, there are a variety of preventive measures homeowners can take to prevent an infestation of these pests, but what if you already have mice?  A professional pest control company may be the most effective choice in a lot of situations because of the training and experience.  It’s not just how a treatment is approached, but also how the health risks are minimized and the risk of a future infestation is avoided.


If a homeowner does decide to tackle the job of eliminating a colony of mice, a basic understanding of the pest’s behavior and what they need to survive and breed is important.  It’s more than just the right tools, it’s also using those tools in the most effective manner.  So here is a primer on the two most common methods: traps and baits.  Used properly, both methods can provide good results in getting things under control.




Baiting can be very a very fatal, and effective, approach when dealing with mice.   There is a wide range of baits available at local hardware and farm stores and the basic premise is to poison mice one at a time till they are all gone.  Some baits kill very quickly and others take several days depending on the ingredients involved.  Safety must be a primary concern because just as these baits are good at killing mice, they are also dangerous to small children and pets.


Regardless of the type of bait selected, a homeowner will still be left with the task of what to do with all those dead mice.  Diseases, parasites and bacteria are all very real concerns in handling any dead animal and homeowners must understand the risks and use dust masks, gloves and other protective gear when handling and disposing of mice.




Just like baits, there are a variety of traps designed to capture and/or kill mice.  Some are more humane than others, but most homeowners tend to use traps that simply kill the pest.  Using traps typically takes a little more strategy than baits but if used correctly, they are quick and effective.  You’ll still end up having to carefully handle and dispose of the carcasses, but their demise is usually less agonizing than baits.


Since mice will usually avoid unfamiliar situations and objects, traps must be introduced slowly and allow the mice to get used to having them around.  This means not actually setting the trap at the beginning, but waiting till the mice have become comfortable and then set it up for the kill.  Keep in mind that it may take a good number of traps to effectively get rid of mice depending on the size of the colony.