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How Expensive Are Termite Treatments?

Many homeowners cringe when they find out they have termites and immediately think of some expensive ordeal ahead of them, fearing the worst.  But termite treatments are certainly more affordable than most structural repairs, which is what you’ll be paying for if termites go undetected in your home.  For those of you who need real-life figures, the cost of a typical termite treatment is from $1,300 to almost $4,000 depending on the type of home, type of treatment, and of course how big your home is.  So termite treatment costs can be seen as a financial blow or an investment in protecting your home.  Kind of one of those “pay now” or “pay more later” things.


But the termite treatment cost is just for getting rid of the termites and doesn’t include any damage repair costs.  If your home has termites, your home has damage.  How much damage depends on how many termites there are and how long they have been feeding on your floor joists.  It’s difficult to come up with a cost range for damage repair costs because of how much damage termites can cause and how many different parts of a home can need repair.  As long as termites can keep out of sight, they can continue destroying your home.


But we’re not done yet.  The appearance of your home, both inside and out, is something you probably take pride in.  The paint, the wallpaper, the bead-board, and the crown molding.  All those nice touches that make a house a home and things that termites love to eat.  Remember, termites eat just about anything that contains wood or cellulose, and that means probably a good part of your home.  Termites can damage wallpaper, gypsum, paint and other areas and the cost to repair cosmetic damage can sometimes be as expensive as structural damage.


So the question of how much a termite treatment costs is pretty complicated when you consider all the things involved.  If you catch it early enough, a termite infestation might be controlled before any significant damage occurs.  If you catch it too late, the costs may be a lot more than you are prepared to pay.  The best medicine, of course, is prevention and if you haven’t had a termite inspection in the last year or two, is to stop fearing the worst and call a professional pest control company.  Hopefully, the results of your termite inspection won’t be your greatest fear realized, but a good investment in preventive measures.