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    Bed Bugs

    Yikes! We know they are a pain in the rear, but lucky for you we have the key to removing them. 


    Common Pests

    They might be common pests, but we have an extraordinary way to to evict them from your home.



    Seriously why were these things created. They ruin all the outdoor fun, but you can take your yard back.


    Termites are no match for our proven eradication methods. We prevent them from causing more damage.



    Raccoons might look cute, but these bandits will steal anything including the leftover pizza in the trash.


    I think I smell a rat! OK, that was corny, but you probably laughed, but they won't be once we show up. 

    Exterminator Brooklyn With The Best Affordable Prices!

    If you need mice exterminating help in Brooklyn, you’ve come to the right place. For Queens or Manhattan pest control, you’ve come to the right place.

    If you need 24-hour exterminator services in New York, again, you’ve come to the right place! Regardless of which borough in New York you live in, what your pest problem is or what time or day it is, Bugs Are Gone has you covered. Bed bug exterminating, rodent and wildlife control, roach exterminating and other pest control services are just a few of the home service specialties we offer for neighborhoods across our service area.

    What to Look for When Hiring an Exterminator

    Is the company reputable? If a pest control company has been in business for a while, there should be plenty of reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. If it’s hard to find reviews or there are only bad reviews, you may want to keep looking. A reputable company will be able to prove they are reputable and worthy of your trust.

    Is the company local? You’re local of course, and so are your pests! It makes sense that a locally owned pest control company would go above and beyond in servicing their own neighborhood. Exterminators that are local means they not only work in your neighborhood but very often live there as one of your neighbors.

    Is the company affordable? The most expensive, or the least expensive, exterminator prices don’t mean much if a company can’t get rid of your pests. Affordable pest control means a pest control company effectively controls your pests at a reasonable cost and is sensitive to homeowner budgets. That means providing the best pest control without breaking the bank and being able to offer options to homeowners.

    Is the company knowledgeable? It’s one thing to know pest control and ways to control pests. It’s quite another to be truly knowledgeable. A qualified exterminating company understands the habits of a variety of pests, knows which methods are the safest and most effective, and knows how to present that knowledge to homeowners. A knowledgeable pest control company employs only well-trained, expert technicians to take care of each and every customer.

    Don't want to deal with pests anymore? Ask about our Home Pest Advantage Program!

    Once we eliminate your pests, we offer a year-round service called the HOME PEST ADVANTAGE (HPA) program. This exterminating and maintenance program covers all the bases to keep annoying pests from coming back.

    1. Exterior Base Perimeter

    2. Windows and Doors

    3. Eaves and Overhangs

    4. Garage Entrances and Interiors

    5. Ventilation Frames

    6. Exterior Trash Holding Areas

    7. Perimeter Shrubs and Flower Beds

    8. Attached Decking

    9. Interior Monitoring

    10. Interior Spot Treatments as Necessary

    Our HPA program keeps pests under control and out of your home. We monitor your home, inside and out, to maintain a pest free environment with our on-going exterminating and pest control as needed to keep your home safe and free of pests.

    So if you have a pest control problem, or you have any questions or need more information, the experts at Bugs Are Gone are just a call or click away. We look forward to showing you why we are the exterminator of choice throughout the New York City area.

    Why Choose Bugs Are Gone Exterminating

    We are the number one exterminator in Brooklyn!

    We know that’s a pretty bold claim, but we have the proof from not only our long list of satisfied customers, but from 3rd party, unbiased companies that are trusted by the public.

    - Top rated roach exterminator

    - Top mouse exterminator

    - Best pest control service

    - Cockroach pest control

    - Wildlife removal expert in Brooklyn

    - Effective mosquito control service

    We are family owned and operated.

    Our family business has been providing exterminating services for over 15 years in the New York area. W e are proud to not only serve this area, we are also proud to raise our own families, living and working in the very neighborhoods we serve such as Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Prospect Park, & Greenpoint. 

    We are here when you need us.

    We are proud to provide the very best pest control service when our customers need it. That means 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, our standard and emergency services are available when our customers need it most at their convenience.

    The best technicians in the industry.

    Our technicians follow a proven method of effective pest prevention. They thoroughly inspect the situation, offer an effective and affordable solution, and get the job done right the first time. Not only are our technicians licensed, experienced, well trained and knowledgeable, they also give each and every customer the care and time they deserve based on the our foundation of exceptional customer service.

    Our guarantee.

    We guarantee our work 100% each and every time. That means our job isn’t done until you are completely satisfied. No small print, no hidden details, just 100% customer satisfaction for every one of our customers no matter what.

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