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Best Places to Visit in New York City

New York is one of the greatest cities of the world and there is always a whirlwind of activity associated with it. A trip to this city will provide you the experience of a lifetime. The possibilities are truly endless here.

New York City mesmerizes its visitors with soaring skyscrapers, flourishing arts, monuments, fashion, food and nightlife. There is something for everyone who visits NYC. The city has so much to offer that you can spend your morning, afternoon and evening soaking up everything that it has to offer and still thirsting for more. Even though you may not be able to see and enjoy everything, you can still visit those places that have made New York what it is.

  • Broadway

If you love plays and musicals then this is the place you want to be. When you visit New York, seeing a Broadway show is a must. Just walking along the streets with the signs and light is mind blowing. The nearby Times Square with its sights and sounds is an added attraction when you visit this neighborhood.

Most of the shows on Broadway follow the same schedule. Evening shows from Tuesday through Saturday and afternoon shows on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Central Park

The part park, museum and concert hall in central Manhattan is one of the most notable attractions of the city. The 843-acre park is a favorite of New Yorkers and visitors. You can choose to visit the park daily from 6 a.m. – 1 a.m.

The popular attractions in the park include Alice in Wonderland statue, Bethesda Fountain, Loeb Boathouse, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, Wollman Memorial Rink and Strawberry Fields.

  • Empire State Building

The landmark structure in midtown Manhattan is an iconic landmark. Even though it has hefty admission fees and long lines of crowd waiting to visit, you will not be disappointed when you visit it. The 86th floor observatory can help you see all sides of the city called New York in all its splendor.

A trip to the top of the building is a perfect way to begin your visit to New York. On a clear day, you may see most of the highlights of the city and looking from the skyscraper makes it truly spectacular.

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is the most celebrated museum not just in New York but United States too. The museum has masterpieces from all over the world. It is impossible to see the entire place within a day or even two, as each one of the exhibits are truly spectacular.

The Greek and Roman collection, Egyptian Art and Islamic art exhibits are popular among visitors. Plan your trip when the museum has semi-annual exhibits, so that you get to see the medieval art and architecture of Europe.

  • Brooklyn Bridge

It is one of the landmarks of New York City. It is also the oldest suspension bridge in United States. It spans the East River and connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. Walking along the bridge is one of the best ways to experience the city. It usually takes 30 minutes to walk from one side of the bridge to the other.

  • American Museum of Natural History

If you want to explore exhibits of the land, sea and other space then this is the place to be. The nearly 32 million artefacts make it truly incredible. It has 45 exhibition halls in 25 buildings spread across four city blocks. It is just not possible to see everything in one day.

  • Metropolitan Opera House

The opulent building with limestone architecture and glittering chandelier is absolutely gorgeous. The opera house features performances by the American Ballet Theater. The Met Opera Company has performances in fall and winter. A visit to this place is a feast for the ears and eyes.

New York Public Library

If you are a book lover then this is the place to be. Rare books and special collection of American and English literature and the newly opened children’s section make it a must see when you visit NYC.

  • Rockefeller Center

The entertainment and shopping complex is in the middle of Manhattan. It is home to NBC TV, radio and other media. Shops, restaurants and observation deck on 67th, 69th and 70th floors are popular attractions. The iconic plaza has something for everyone who visits New York.

  • Times Square

The colorful and exciting Times Square is a beautiful metaphor for everything that is New York. The brightly lit square attracts the maximum tourist on New Year Eves ball drop. Visit this amazing place if you truly want to get a feel of NYC.

  • Fifth Avenue

If you love shopping then the 34th – 59th streets with stores of all the famous brands of the world are a must visit. You will find the most expensive brands rubbing shoulders with the reasonable priced ones in these streets.