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where do bed bugs come from

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Where do bed bugs come from? If you’re asking that question, you probably have a reason.  You probably think you have bed bugs.  First, let’s be sure we have the right bug.  Bed bugs are typically some shade of brown, flat and have six legs.  Adults are a little bit larger than an apple seed and leave discarded skin laying around from molting.  Nymphs, from the middle stage of bed bug evolution, are smaller and lighter in color.  White and gooey, bed bug eggs are hard to see unless you have a magnifying glass.


So we’ve got the right bug.  When you ask where bed bugs come from, I assume you’re not talking about some kind of origin of species, but rather “Where do bed bugs come from!!??”.  They come from a lot of different places because, when we’re talking bed bugs, we’re talking hitch-hiker.  These adaptable travelers hitch a ride whenever, however they can.  Any ride will do as long as it ends up near food.  That means you.  Bed bugs feed on blood so they have a pretty good food source available just about anywhere.  So back to the question.  Where do bed bugs come from?  They typically come from infested furniture from a variety of places.


  • Hotels, motels, dormitories…just about anywhere a lot of people come and go. Mattresses are especially good hideouts considering these pests’ food source!
  • Buy and Sell Sites. Furniture and garments, another great place for bed bugs to hide, purchased on-line should be especially suspect.
  • Dumpster or “Curb finds”. What may look like good fortune when you pick up that pretty decent sofa off the curb may actually be the beginning of bed bug bad luck.
  • Thrift shops. Again that appeal of finding a really great deal isn’t so appealing when that nice, warm coat is loaded with bedbugs who are ready for their new home.


The most important thing to remember when you are dealing with if you have bed bugs is to get a pest control bed bug exterminator out to your home to do a thorough inspection to determine if indeed you have these pests in your home. If so, you can count on Bugs Are Gone to exterminate your bed bugs so you can reside safely in your home for years to come.