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New York City Bed Bug Control

We offer effective bed bug treatment services tailored to you and your home or place of business. Call or schedule online with a top NYC bedbug control specialist and get rid of bed bugs now!

Bed bugs are more than annoying, they're a health concern.

Don’t wait to call if you suspect a possible bed bug infestation.

A bed bug infestation can cause a number of physical and mental health issues for occupants:

  • A range of allergic reactions including anaphylaxis.
  • Skin infections.
  • Anxiety and insomnia.

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The city health code requires property owners to routinely check for infestations and address them promptly, and that’s why it’s important to call a licensed NYC bed bug control specialist.

Call 718-735-2847 for a free quote.

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Always Professional

Eliminating a bed bug infestation can be quite challenging and success depends on a cordial level of relationship between the pest control technician and the occupants of the home or business.
Our bed bug treatments always start with a thorough inspection of your residence or business, at which time we carefully explain what customized treatment options would work best for your situation.
  • Liquid applications
  • Dust applications to wall voids
  • Vacuuming
  • Steam applications…and more!
Our proven and effective bed bug exterminator methods and detailed follow-up care ensures your bed bug problem are eliminated.


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Phone: 718-735-2847