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5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Pest Control Company

5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Pest Control Company


1. What type of insurance the company carries. There are different types of insurance needed by any company providing services, from insurance covering employees to liability insurance. Particularly when it comes to termite control and prevention, a pest control company rarely offers damage insurance covering future damage from termites after treatment. Understanding what is, and what isn’t covered is important for a homeowner. Knowing the risks allows a homeowner to select the right warranties, contract the recommended frequency of inspections and other preventive measures to keep the risk of future damage to a minimum.
2. Does the company you are hiring meet state licensing statutes? Pest control licensing requirements vary from state to state and often include rules regarding specific pesticides, methods of treatment and even training and experience. Most of these licensing rules are in place to protect the environment, the pest control technicians and homeowners as well. Any company worth consideration will be well versed in their particular state’s licensing requirements and incorporate these into their practices and procedures.
3. Can the pest control company provide a detailed plan of treatment after a thorough inspection? A reputable and experienced company will be able to explain clearly the options available and the steps involved for a specific treatment. The results of the inspection, the estimated degree of infestation, the use of particular pesticides along with the advantages and disadvantages should all be a part of this plan. A homeowner should be provided with sufficient information to enable them to make an intelligent decision about what services they select.
4. Does the company have a good, verifiable reputation? An experienced pest control company should be able to provide a good amount of references from a variety of customers. In addition, the internet is a good source of information for finding out what reputation a company has. Review sites featuring real life consumer reviews are growing rapidly and can provide a homeowner with unbiased opinions from other homeowners regarding their experiences with a particular company.
5. Trust your gut. With the amount of information a homeowner can gather using the above information, comparing different pest control companies and making a good decision on which one to hire will hopefully result in at least a few options. Even if all the pieces seem to be in place, there is often a sense of comfort or discomfort regarding a particular company. If your intuition tells you something is wrong, then it probably is and that company should probably be dropped from the list of candidates. On the other hand, if a company measures up and you feel a certain comfort level and rapport, that may be the right company for you.