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5 Reasons Brooklyn Is a Great Place to Live

Let’s be clear, yes, Brooklyn is a part of New York City but it is quite different from how most of us envision the fast-paced, perhaps even unfriendly version of living in New York.  Even though it has more people than any other borough, Brooklyn has a lot to offer for families, artists, young professionals and just about everyone else.


  1. Something For Everyone

Brooklyn is an exciting, diverse community where you can raise your family, pursue your professional dreams or spread your artistic wings.  There are plenty of areas to live and work that will appeal to a variety of interests, personalities and budgets.  Cobble Hill and Williamsburg are two neighborhoods that are great for families, while DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is more suited to young professionals, singles and couples.

  1. Neighborhood Charm

There’s a lot of different neighborhoods in Brooklyn, each with their own unique history, style and personality.  Park Slope is a popular neighborhood for young professionals and families.  It’s kind of a Yuppie place, but its safe environment and excellent schools make it a great place for children as well.  Williamsburg, sometimes referred to as the “new SOHO”, is filled with musicians, performers, and families, many of which commute to Manhattan for work.

  1. Sense of Community

Unlike some of the other boroughs, Brooklyn has a great sense of community. Brooklynites, whether native or new, actually get to know their neighbors, business owners and all kinds of friendly people.  This tight community feel is appealing to a lot of people and that “feeling right at home” just can’t be found everywhere.  If walking down the sidewalk to buy some groceries talking to friends, neighbors and other locals is your cup of tea, then Brooklyn is where you’ll find it.

  1. Room to Breath

While it’s true that Brooklyn has a lot of people and it’s really not that big, there is a surprising amount of space.  There are lots of parks with plenty of room to enjoy nature, exercise or watch a ballgame.  Prospect Park, the largest in Brooklyn, covers over 500 acres of watercourses, greenways, ball fields, and plenty of other things to enjoy.  With its ice rink, band shell, carousel and all that nature, the park certainly gives all those Brooklynites a great place to relax.

  1. Stereotypical Brooklyn 

Brooklyn used to be considered a pretty dangerous place and many non-Brooklynites usually had an idea of what the Brooklynite stereotype was: brash, even kind of “edgy” and that accent!  Not to say there’s not some truth in that, but that’s not today’s Brooklyn.  The diverse population that makes up Brooklyn leaves no room for any type of stereotypes, just a colorful, unique community of different cultures.